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HR Policy

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Fostering Global Talents

To practice the belief that the top priority of corporate value is human resources,
HL Mando is devoting itself to fostering talents based on the trust of individual employees.
We invite you to be part of Mando’s future as our partner.


Goal-oriented performance management
to create high performance

The Company expects all employees to perform their job duties in a safe and productive manner. Each employee’s manager will use an ongoing performance evaluation to accomplish the following objectives.

- Employees will understand what job duties they are expected to perform and the performance standards they are expected to meet.

- Employees will be aware of whether they are meeting or exceeding the performance standards and will have an opportunity for open communication and interaction with their supervisor/manager about their job performance.

Support for developing competencies for mutual
growth of the company and employees

The annual competency level assessment is carried out in order to reinforce the individual strengths
and supplement insufficient competencies. This includes common competencies, job competencies, and leadership competencies,
followed by continuous observations and feedback.

Employee Survey evaluation

Participating in the employee survey offers you the chance to actively have an impact on your working environment and enables you to have an effect on where to change things for the better.
The survey will contain questions focusing on nine areas: Vision & Values, Tasks and work itself, Working conditions, Organization of working time, Communication/Information/Involvement, Working together, My direct supervisor, Compensation & Benefits and General.

Welfare Benefit

  • Flexible Working Hours

    Work hard while working and get enough rest while resting! Mando actively supports its employees to practice a work-life balance where maximum work productivity is done with concentration during working hours, while they enjoy their hobbies, work on self-development, etc. during other times.

  • Award

    The Company encourages the recognition of excellent performance, special achievement and long-term service through the use of rewards. To appreciate and motivate employees, the Company rewards its employees under the following category:
    - Recognized for significant contribution towards improving work efficiency
    - Significant contribution towards business activities
    - Excellent Work Performance
    - Recognized as appropriate for rewards

  • Newborn Gift & Family Support Payment

    Employee newborn programs help to motivate and encourage newly minted parents with small company gift & payment.

  • Employee Referral Program

    The MCE Employee Referral Program is an internal recruitment method of MCE to identify potential candidates from their existing employees' social networks. The program should encourage MCE’s employees to support the recruiting activities and increase the volume of recruits through this channel. As a reward, MCE pays the referring employee a referral bonus.

Training Programs

Main Training Programs

On-Job Training

Every newcomers has to take the on-job training for 6 months after joining in Mando. The purpose of this training is to get knowledge about Mando system and products.

Customized Training Courses

Demand-centered open training is provided by constantly receiving requests for training required on site and holding courses at the right time to maximize the effects of training.

Recruiting Process

Human Resources is the
top priority of corporate value

Process according to recruiting type

- Regular Recruiting for Entry Level

Regular mass recruiting for college, university, graduate students

- Occupational Recruiting for Experienced Talents

The form of recruiting the talents necessary for the company’s strategic promotion from time to time

  • Planning
  • Recruiting
    (Job posting/
    Recommendation Request)
  • Document Screen
  • Interviews
  • Determine employment
    and placement

Main contents of Evaluation

Document Screenting

The evaluation will be done based on the CV and other submitted documents in accordance with the skills and qualifications required in the field of detailed recruitment.
Selection is carried out on the eligibility requirements for recruitment, the personality and characteristics required by The Company, such as physical conditions suitable for the job performance. And these factors shall be based on the objective and reliable supporting materials.

HR interview
(1st interview)

- Rate details : a comprehensive assessment of basic value, personality and attitude ect.
- Interviewers : HR

Working-lever interview
(2nd interview)

- Rate details : a comprehensive assessment of job skills and knowledge ect. - Interviewers : comprised of at least two working-level team leaders and managers.

Executive interview
(3rd interview)

- Rate details : a comprehensive assessment of the applicant‘s mindset, whether suitable mainly for basic values such as toughness and attitude
- Interviewers : consists of a minimum of two or more director level or above including CEO

Career Opportunities

We are looking for a global
talent with a passion to challenge

Application Period