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Business 2021.10.18

Mando Ranks 92nd in the “World’s Best Employer 2021” by Forbes

On October 13th, Forbes, an US global media company, announced its “World’s Best Employers 2021” and ranked Mando 92nd among top multinational companies and institutions. With this year’s announcement, Mando is included in the Top 100 list for two consecutive years.

Samsung Electronics, IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple and other renowned global companies ranked on the top of the list. Only one Korean company made the Top 100 in 2019 (Samsung Electronics, 76th) and, in 2020, a total of 12 Korean companies including Mando and Hyundai Motors were included. This year, 8 companies including Samsung Electronics and Mando made the Top 100 list.
(Source: www.forbes.com)

Mando ranked 9th among global automotive companies and was the only Korean automotive and parts company made to the top 100 list in 2021.

Forbes, in collaboration with Statista (a German polling company), conducts a survey on 150,000 employees from 58 nations to evaluate top 750 companies. The survey includes questions such as how the company is evaluated within the industry, whether the employees would recommend their employer to their family and friends, how the employees perceive their company, the company’s impact on economy, and evaluation on the company’s human resources development, gender equality, and social responsibility management.

From 2020, the company’s responses to COVID-19 crisis has been included in the evaluation, with timely responses to overcoming crisis during the pandemic serving as important criteria for enhancing the brand reputation of the global companies. A number of software and information technology and communication companies made the Top 10 list this year due to the impact of COVID-19. 

Mando analyzes its positive review coming from its preemptive and proactive preparation for sustainable growth through initiatives such as business realignment, strategic investments, and sustainability management (ESG) and its effort to cope against the COVID-19 crisis. For instance, Mando’s emergency situation room was dedicated in managing COVID-19 development in real time, preemptively aligning and executing initiatives for employee’s health and safety as the company’s top strategic priorities. Some of such initiatives includes implementation of seamless disease-prevention system and adopting work-from-home and flexible workhour programs. Most importantly, all Mando employee’s proactive participation and collaboration has been the key driver in overcoming the crisis together.
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