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Business 2021.05.25

Mando Launches its Sustainability Management Advancement Council

Mando's Sustainability Management Advancement Council for value creation and future growth held its inauguration ceremony on May 25th (Tuesday).

The Sustainability Management Advancement Council is an organization dedicated to leading and realizing changes at Mando and plays the role of promoting business activities by planning Mando's sustainable management system.

The council plans to improve corporate value through various activities such as carbon emission reduction activities to cope against climate change, strengthening of eco-friendly technologies and responsible supply chain management starting from raw materials linked directly to the long-term survival and growth of Mando, human rights management, and social contribution activities linked to its businesses.

Mando has been promoting various sustainability management activities, publishing annual sustainability management reports meeting global standards and having a Transparency Management Council.
From this year, Mando's Sustainability Management Advancement Council and working-level consultative body will start full-fledged implementation of systematic and effective sustainability management.
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