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Business 2023.06.23

Publication of 2022 HL Mando Sustainability Report

HL Mando has published the 2022 Sustainability Report to share its sustainability activities and performances which enable HL Mando to be an evolving corporation.



This report introduces HL Mando’s new name and brand identity which were changed in celebration of our 60th anniversary. 

Furthermore, HL Mando shares its strategy called ‘Imagine Every Move’ which consists of five strategic directions for the future through this report. 


To bring to life every move that we imagine for mobility, HL Mando pursues Flexible mobility designs, enable Easy connections through single integrated software, and apply Clean and Clever technology that supports autonomous perception, decision-making and control across multiple industrial sectors.

HL Mando introduced a double materiality assessment approach to identify issues requiring intensive management and response across the entire ESG areas from both financial and environmental/social perspectives. As a result of the materiality assessment, eight key material topics were identified for this year. 

* Eight material topics: Product safety and quality / Waste management and resource circularity / Energy / R&D / Eco-friendly product and technology / Greenhouse gas / Employment and labor relations / Win-win partnership with suppliers


Especially, this report discloses six core sustainability areas’ key performance, target, and plan through champion interview sections. 

Also, this report shows how HL Mando’s key performance and target are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

This report highlights the brand identity following the launch of the new name, 

incorporating a design that emphasizes environmental friendliness through bamboo paper and soy ink.

For design, this report is prepared in highlighting the new HL Group’s brand identity. 

Also, this report emphasizes its eco-friendliness by using bamboo papers and soybean ink.


The HL Mando member, publishing the sustainability report, 

mentioned that "We will communicate more actively with stakeholders to share the activities and achievements of HL Mando’s sustainable management."


2022 HL Mando Sustainability Report can be downloaded from the HL Mando website.

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