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Awards 2023.12.18

HL Mando’s Parking Robot Solution ‘Parkie’ Wins Best Innovation Award at CES 2024

[Seoul, Jan, 2024] HLmando is proud to announce that its parking robot solution 'Parkie' has been awarded the prestigious Best Innovation Award at CES 2024, the world's largest IT and consumer electronics exhibition. This recognition highlights Parkie's outstanding autonomous driving technology and spatial value creation, showcasing its direction and marketability in the industry.
The CES Innovation Award is bestowed upon products that demonstrate exceptional innovation in the fields of technology, design, and creativity at the globally renowned CES exhibition. With approximately 3,000 products exhibited, only about 30 products are honored with this prestigious award, making the Best Innovation Award a truly exclusive accolade.



Parkie utilizes cutting-edge Level 4 autonomous driving technology to autonomously recognize objects, tires, and license plates, enabling it to independently assess parking spaces and vacant areas without the need for additional infrastructure or spatial constraints. With a height of just 90mm, the lowest in the world, it can smoothly navigate beneath various types of vehicles. This groundbreaking feature allows Parkie to be applied in various environments, securing an additional 30% of parking spaces. Furthermore, Parkie can seamlessly integrate mechanical parking specifications into automated parking lots, optimizing space utilization within buildings and creating additional parking capacity.

Choi Sung-ho, the Vice President of the Mobility Solution Technology Group (MSTG) at HLmando, expressed his excitement, stating, "Parkie not only enhances the efficiency of parking spaces but also contributes to strengthening the competitiveness of buildings by utilizing abandoned spaces." He further added, "The CES Best Innovation Award for Parkie showcases global expectations for innovation in parking spaces, not only in Korea but around the world."
HLmando's Parkie is revolutionizing the parking industry with its advanced autonomous driving technology and exceptional spatial value creation. With its seamless integration into various building and parking management systems, Parkie enhances user convenience by facilitating smooth vehicle entry and exit while providing accurate path recognition.


Coming to CES? Visit our booth to experience World’s first autonomous parking robot at CES2024, LVCC, West Hall, Booth#5466.
For more information, visit https://www.hlmando.com/ko/solution/robot/parkingrobot.do or email to mkt.robot@hlcompany.com



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HL Mando is an electric vehicle (EV) and autonomous driving solutions company specializing in core components that are key to vehicle safety. The company is a global leader in key enabling technologies for future mobility, including redundancy concept and by-wire technology, and is strengthening eco-friendly vehicle solutions such as e-Drive and hydrogen fuel cell converters. Its subsidiary company HL Klemove was established in Dec. 2021 for readily response and qualitative growth aligned with key mega trends in the autonomous driving and future mobility. HL Klemove promotes diversification and advancement of autonomous driving solutions, including radar, cameras, lidars, and the SI (system integration) system. In addition, HL Mando is promoting business expansion through new business opportunities in mobility, including vehicle predictive maintenance/diagnosis, and cloud-based data service. With over 20 R&D centers and 20 manufacturing sites, the company serves over 60 customers globally. For more information, visit [www.hlmando.com].



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