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HR Policy

about India (Chennai)

Fostering Global Talents for HL Mando people

To practice the belief that the top priority of corporate value is human resources,
HL Mando is devoting itself to fostering talents based on the trust of individual employees.
We invite you to be part of Mando’s future as our partner.


Goal-oriented performance management
to create high performance

Management by objectives (MBO) is carried out where employees set their individual work goals and manage the
work performance process for the successful achievement of their goals based on the understanding of the company’s vision,
short- and long-term strategy and business plan of the year.

Support for developing competencies for mutual
growth of the company and employees

The annual competency level assessment is carried out in order to reinforce the individual strengths
and supplement insufficient competencies. This includes common competencies, job competencies, and leadership competencies,
followed by continuous observations and feedback.

Promotion Structure

HL Mando has a promotion structure where talents who continuously make excellent achievements and are qualified with performing roles of a higher rank are provided with equal growth opportunities.


  • Engineering+
    1 years
  • Senior
    3 years
  • Assistant
  • Manager+
    4 years
  • Senior
  • Deputy
    5 years
  • General

Welfare Benefit

  • Insurance

    Group Mediclaim Policy
    GPA Insurance
    Term Insurance

  • Transport

    Mando provides free transportation to all Employees from prime locations for Employees to reach office on time. 30 buses and vans are operated.

  • Canteen

    Two meal per day is provided to all Employees working in Mando at no deduction from Employees.

  • Regular Medical Check-ups

    Annual Medical check-ups are carried out regularly every year for 35 years and above aged employees across all level

  • Occupational Health Centre

    There is a OHC within the workplace with the following in-house facilities so that the health problems employees are solved.
    i) Ayush Therapy
    ii) Special Screening - XRAY, Audiometry & Vision test
    iii) Ergo Training

  • Medical Expenses Support

    When excessive medical expenses occur due to the discovery of unexpected diseases or accidents, employees can receive partial support for the expenses depending on a prescribed standard.

  • Other Welfare Benefits

    Providing gift cards to the employees on their wedding anniversary, Gift coupon will be given as Marriage gift when an employee gets married.

  • Awards & Rewards Program

    To provide a work environment that promotes, recognizes and rewards performance excellence we have following awarding system
    i) Shining Star Award (Individual Quarterly award)
    ii) Synergic Force Award (Team half yearly award)
    iii) Performance Award (Individual/ group yearly award)
    iv) Long Service Award ( 10 years & 25 years’ service award)

  • Recreation Activities

    There is an in-house Table tennis play area and GYM available in the plant along with Instructor, Separate transport facility is arranged for those employees who avail this facility.

Main Training Programs

Compulsory Training Hours

Employees are obligated to fulfill at least 20 hours of training a year to systematically develop their competencies and improve work performance abilities. The training results are reflected in their performance evaluation for effectiveness of training.

Customized Training Courses

Demand-centered Laggard based training is provided by constantly receiving requests for training required on site and holding courses like MS Excel, MS PowerPoint & Presentation skills, Communication & Presentation Skills at the right time to maximize the effects of training.

Value Program

Human Capital Program

To identify the potential employees and develop their competencies, nurture and prepares them as the potential human resource in sync with the organizational goal.

Key Talent Program

To strive in identifying, recognizing and retaining DGM level employees with potential for future leaders who contributes to achieving organization strategy, growth & Culture

Design Thinking Program

This program is designed in partnership with IIT Madras to help the participants understand the basic concepts of solving problems in complex environment using the principles of Design Thinking. To Identify the potential talents across level and equip them with technical framework in the journey of organizational excellence.


NEED (Nurturing Employee Education & Development)

This is the MBA, Graduate and Post Graduate Engineering courses to foster future management & Technical experts who will aid the MDI & Group’s growth. It includes general Business Administration.
Technical specialization in Mechanical ,Electrical & Electronics.

Global Leader Courses

A training course is conducted in Korea and overseas targeted at management-level employees overseas who will lead the continuous growth of the overseas operations to develop leadership competency for change and innovation.

HOPE - Higher Education opportunity for Potential Operating Engineers

A training course is conducted in Korea and overseas targeted at management-level employees overseas who will lead the continuous growth of the overseas operations to develop leadership competency for change and innovation.


On-the-job Training

Various and intensive training courses are provided for all jobs such as Production improvement, Quality, Purchasing, Negotiation, HR, Finance and accounting with the objective of gaining the professional knowledge or practical techniques required in each field.

TLDP (Team Leader Development Program)

To identify the potential team leaders & Technical experts in specific areas and to develop their behavioral & technical competencies to next level.
(Above programs are partnered with Anand University which is our group company)

International and Domestic Academic Training

Entry to graduate schools for the relevant field or MBA is supported to enhance an employee’s job performance ability or to solve the problems of a project they are currently working on.

ALDP (Anand Leader Development Program)

To identify the potential managers to develop competencies among managers and prepares them for handling present and future needs. It helps in productivity as a whole.
(Above programs are partnered with Anand University which is our group company)

Other Training Programs

Out Bound Training

OBT is an action and activity based behavioral training intervention for employee development based on experiential learning methodology of "learning by doing", "hands-on experience" and includes outdoor, adventure, team building activities that engage participants to bring out the desired learning outcomes.

Special Training for Operating Engineers in association with external training partner

In association with the external training partner a special training for OE’s has been designed and delivered to provide them a job related knowledge and to enhance the skills systematically to improve the productivity towards the goal of organization.

Fostering Global Talents

- Core Talent Fostering Program

To discover and foster talents for the future, outstanding employees are selected every year
and supported so that they can do research or receive a degree at prominent domestic and overseas colleges.

  • The Next-Generation Leader Fostering Program

    - Domestic : Master’s or doctorate degree, global MBA course
    - Overseas : Doctorate degree, MBA course

  • Management Academy

    Systematically and intensively learn about comprehensive business management ability and strengthen competency as a future manager by applying what was learned in the actual workplace.

- Global Competency Development Program

There are various programs to improve communications ability, which is required as a basis to perform global business.

  • Various Foreign Language Programs

    - Overseas local language course : learn languages and intensive cross-cultural education for several years at a professional educational institute overseas
    - Language course outside the Company : a 6- to 8-week foreign language training camp consigned to an external professional training institute
    - Various language courses inside the company : study groups, online courses, etc.

  • Overseas Training Program

    Job-related overseas training to understand the trends in new technology and benchmarking advanced companies.

- Job Competency Development Program

HL Mando has developed and provides numerous training programs to develop the job competencies commonly required to perform a job.

  • Competency Development Training by Position level

    - Executive Training : Executive course, leadership competency course
    - Employee Training : A course for newly appointed personnel for each position, an introductory course for novice and experienced employees

  • Job Competency Development Training

    - Professional Job Course : a course for fostering professional technical personnel for each function.
    - Job Competency Training : training is carried out on information technology, R&D, production technology, finance and accounting, etc. at a professional training institute in and outside the company.

Recruiting Process

Human Resources is the
top priority of corporate value

Process according to recruiting type

- Regular Recruiting for Entry Level

Regular mass recruiting for college, university, graduate students

- Occupational Recruiting for Experienced Talents

The form of recruiting the talents necessary for the company’s strategic promotion from time to time

  • Apply

  • 1st


  • 2nd


  • Result

Main contents of Evaluation

Document Screenting

The evaluation will be done based on the CV and other submitted documents in accordance with the skills and qualifications required in the field of detailed recruitment.

Written Test

2 sections of technical test
- Technical : Evaluation of technical knowledge
- Aptitude : Evaluation of ability to perform
- Remark : Only for Entry level

Job Competency Interview

- Interviewer : 1 ~ 2 persons
- Interview Type : Technical Discussion
- Interview Time : 30~60 minutes per person
- Evaluation Criteria : Major Job know ledge, Ability to cope with situations, Problem solving ability, Job performance

Personality Interview

- Interviewer : 1 ~ 2 persons
- Interview Type : General Discussion
- Interview Time : 30~60 minutes per person
- Evaluation Criteria : Fitment into organization culture

Career Opportunities

We are looking for a global
talent with a passion to challenge

Application Period