We are in your daily life

We are always thinking for a more convenient and safer daily life,
and for a greener and sustainable future.

  • Self Driving

    We make your commute to work comfortable and convenient.

    With both hands free from the steering wheel.

  • Greener

    We pay attention to even the minor details for the environment and innovation.

    From ecofriendly mobility to logistics innovation.

  • Easier

    Self-driving patrol drones are with you in real-time.

    Safer and worry-free return home even late at night.

Our Creation

In Our Creation, Your Tomorrow will be Safer, Greener and Easier In Our Creation, Your Tomorrow will be Safer, Greener and Easier


HL Mando is growing into a more trusted and sustainable company by fulfilling its
ethical responsibilities and cooperating with stakeholders.

  • Spreading the usage of renewable energy

    Spreading the usage of renewable energy

    By installing photovoltaic panels on the business site, we expect various economic effects, such as lowering the temperature inside the building by 1~2℃ by blocking radiant heat, and reducing the cost of waterproofing.

  • Expanding recycling of waste

    Expanding recycling of waste

    In order to increase the waste recycling rate, we are operating separate collection facilities for each site.
    We are working towards the goal of 'ZERO incineration of waste synthetic resin' by applying recycling method to waste synthetic resin that was previously incinerated.

  • 글로벌 수준 인권경영 고도화 실현

    Realizing advanced human rights management on a global scale

    Employees of HL Mando and all its partners respect dignity and, value of human beings. HL Mando strives to comply with all labor principles ratified by the nation.

HL Mando strives

to raise the value of the world.

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