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HR Policy

about Mexico

Fostering Global Talents

To practice the belief that the top priority of corporate value is human resources,
HL Mando is devoting itself to fostering talents based on the trust of individual employees.
We invite you to be part of Mando’s future as our partner.


Goal-oriented performance management
to create high performance

Management by objectives (MBO) is carried out where employees set their individual work goals and manage the
work performance process for the successful achievement of their goals based on the understanding of the company’s vision,
short- and long-term strategy and business plan of the year.

Support for developing competencies for mutual
growth of the company and employees

The annual competency level assessment is carried out in order to reinforce the individual strengths
and supplement insufficient competencies. This includes common competencies, job competencies, and leadership competencies,
followed by continuous observations and feedback.

Multifaceted diagnosis to build the right leadership

To improve the leadership of organizational heads above team leaders, team members personally perform a multidimensional evaluation of items such as objective/direction suggestions, motivation, performance management, and talent fostering. This involves individual feedback on the evaluation results and the leadership development course, ensuring proper leadership.

Promotion Structure

HL Mando has a promotion structure where talents who continuously make excellent achievements and are qualified with performing roles of a higher rank are provided with equal growth opportunities.


  • Engineer+
    2 years
  • M5
    Entry Level+
    2~3 years
  • M4
    Experience Level+
    7~ years
  • M3
    Senior Level+
    12 years
  • M2

Welfare Benefit

  • Insurance for Medical expenses

    We provide Insurance for private health expenses.
    (Certain conditions may apply according to the policy in place.)

  • Medical Care

    We are worried about the healht of our employees and their family so we offer a service through to cover medical appointments with General Doctors, without cost.
    (This through a certain clinic designed by MCM)

  • Life insurance

    We provide life insurance to our employees to help their families have protected in a non wanted event.

  • Promote health and fitness for our Employees

    As Mando Mexico we are interested in the health for our employees for that reason we have agreements with sporting clubs to have better prices, and healthy programs

  • Social and Cultural Events

    As part of the culture of Mando, we have different events for engagement. as bowling and soccer tournament, also other events during the year in order to live our values and have a positive working atmosphere.

Main Training Programs

Customized Training Courses

Demand-centered Laggard based training is provided by constantly receiving requests for training required on site and holding courses like MS Excel, MS PowerPoint & Presentation skills, Communication & Presentation Skills at the right time to maximize the effects of training.

Value Program

Work Smart Program

All employees are required to take a course at least one subject such as leadership, work skills, etc. to enhance the Work Smart competency of the company.

Education Online

As an employees have Access to E-Campus platform where they can take remote trainings about our products as well as other courses for the Development of his/her position.

Future Program

Global Leader Courses

A training course is conducted in Korea and overseas targeted at management-level employees overseas who will lead the continuous growth of the overseas operations to develop leadership competency for change and innovation.


On-the-job Training

Various and intensive training courses are provided for all jobs with the objective of gaining the professional knowledge or practical techniques required in each field.

Training Plan

Employees are trained according to yearly plan in order to develop skills and abilities to improve their performance.

Other Training Programs

Other Training Programs

In order to comply Mexican rules certain trainings may be applicable for new hired employees, please review with training area.

Fostering Talents

Fostering Global Talents

To foster talents who would lead the future, Mando provides various educational programs and courses for each subsidiary.
Mando is continuously investing in developing talents to improve employees' job performances and self-competencies and even further to grow as global leaders.

Recruiting Process

Human Resources is the
top priority of corporate value

Process according to recruiting type

Regular Recruiting

for Internship, Entry Level and Experience Level

  • Apply
  • Select
  • Interview
  • Screening
  • Medical
  • Result

Main contents of Evaluation

Document Screenting

The evaluation will be done based on the CV and other submitted documents in accordance with the skills and qualifications required in the field of detailed recruitment.

Job Competency Interview

- Interviewer : 2 ~ 3 persons
- Intervew Type : Individual or group Interview (2 persons max per group)
- Interview Time : 30 minutes per person
- Evaluation Criteria : Stability on jobs, Major & Job knowledge, Ability to cope with situations, Problem solving ability, Job performance.

Personality Interview

- Interviewer : 1 persons
- Interview Type : Oral., and written Psychometric test.
- Interview Time : 30 minutes per person

Medical Check

Medical check according to Mexican Law.

Career Opportunities

We are looking for a global
talent with a passion to challenge

Application Period