Caliper Brake

Caliper Brake

Conventional sliding brake calipers operate hydraulically by brake fluid to build pressure (clamping) which generates friction between the pads and disc to decelerate the vehicle.


Value Proposition

  • Modulation

    - Categorize the standard model of the caliper brake for the vehicle-based grade as a catalogue
    - Each product has a base model so when the RFQ is released from the customers, It can be design quickly, respond to customers, and has the advantage of minimizing quality issue risk with experience in mass production.

  • Low Drag

    - Mando caliper designs meet or exceed all customers’ requirements for drag performance, leading to improved fuel efficiency/EV mileage.
    - Mando designs utilize various tuning factors such as seal groove design, application of pad retraction springs, low mu coatings, etc to ensure robust and low drag performance.

  • NVH Performance

    - Mando recognizes the importance of comfort during driving so we work hard to achieve noise free braking.
    - Mando uses state of the art computer simulations during the design phase. Robust testing and development processes covering all environmental and customer use cases are performed during the testing stage utilizing bench, dynamometer and vehicle level testing to optimize NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness) performance.
    - After the design is finalized, Mando has tight dimensional and quality control of the critical features that can impact NVH performance.

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