Steer by Wire

Steer by Wire

Steerite is a Steer by Wire (SbW) system that delivers the driver’s intention and steering controls using electrical signals without any mechanical connection between the SFA (Steering Feedback Actuator) and RWA (Road Wheel Actuator)

Steerite is required technology enabling autonomous driving while providing the driver with a proven safe system.


Value Proposition

  • Pure-Play Steer by Wire

    Pure-Play is a 100% redundant Steer by Wire (SbW) system.
    The Steering Column doesn’t rely on any mechanical back-up like a clutched Intermediate shaft.

  • Redundant Safety
    (Fail Operational)

    Improves safety thanks to the redundant steering control system.
    Capable of steering a vehicle even through a fail situation.

  • Variable Steering Gear Ratio

    Capable of providing the driver with improved vehicle dynamics and the benefits of variable steering gear ratios.

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