Smart Personal Mobility


Smart Personal Mobility
(SPM Pedalrite™)

Mando SPM Pedalite provides the e-Mobility Module platform rolled into one to give an easier and
freer life to our customers so that leads the changes of the future lifestyle.
HL Mando’s e-Mobility Module platform provides flexibility, connectivity, and easy maintenance.


  • ePedal Alternator

    Provides an optimized pedal feel and driving experience to users. By switching from kinetic energy to regenerative brake energy when the brake pedal is applied, it allows the user to drive for longer.

  • Motor

    Be able to connect various motors according to the vehicle purpose. Control individual ECU of each motor precisely, and charge the battery based on the energy generated by braking.

  • Battery

    Improve the useful life up to 80 ~100% by applying a low-temperature battery.

Value Proposition

  • Flexibility

    Be able to customize the vehicle from two to four-wheel drive type without any space limitations thanks to a connected system.

  • Easy Maintenance

    Thanks to a non-chain system there is no need to clean and change the chain unlike previous products.

    Allows monitoring of the vehicle status, troubleshooting in real time, and management of the vehicle history through a Web. Follow-up development is planned
  • Connectivity

    Through a mobile App, locate the vehicle’s position, manage the lock and anti-theft functions, use navigation, and update the software.

    Follow-up development is planned
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