Parking Robots

Parkie, an innovative parking robot

Parkie, the world's first autonomous driving-based parking robot (AMR), is a remarkable innovation developed by leveraging
HL Mando's cutting-edge autonomous driving technology and decades of vehicle manufacturing expertise. By offering seamless parking convenience, Parkie not only enhances the overall value of buildings but also revolutionizes the utilization of parking lots.

Transform spaces with Parkie for
unprecedented Impact

  • Increased space
    Additional floors

    Parkie enables the implementation of mechanical parking methods in automated parking lots, resulting in an impressive increase of up to 30% in available parking spaces. Moreover, by lowering the height, it allows for even greater space expansion, enhancing parking capacity and building's competitive edge.

  • As competitiveness rises,
    risk decreases

    By expanding parking capacity and optimizing turnover rates, parking operators and lessors can boost their revenue competitiveness. Additionally, the implementation of automated parking systems can reduce labor costs and mitigate service risks associated with human valet services, while also eliminating inconveniences for users when utilizing mechanical parking lots.

  • A place that people
    want to visit again

    By minimizing parking time and alleviating the inconvenience caused by inadequate driving skills, we can enhance satisfaction for tenants and users. This improved satisfaction ultimately leads to a preference for our space, contributing to its overall value enhancement.

A parking robot that works

제품 특징

  • The world’s first autonomous driving parking robot

    Parkie is an Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) capable of self-driving. It effortlessly navigates through obstacles and open spaces while intelligently perceiving its surroundings. Parkie accurately measures distances between vehicle wheels and centers, independently lifting and moving vehicles. It can plan and utilize space without being constrained by automated or mechanical parking facilities. No additional infrastructure is needed for Parkie's seamless movement, making it highly efficient and reliable for various applications.

  • A field proven robotic solution

    Developed over a span of four years, Parkie, the parking robot, utilizes HL mando's autonomous driving technology and decades of vehicle manufacturing expertise. It is currently operational in office buildings, accommodating the constant flow of various vehicles. Through continuous evolution, Parkie is being optimized to meet on-site requirements and adapt to changing variables, resulting in an efficient and effective parking solution.

  • A parking robot optimized for users.

    With a thoughtfully designed mobile app, users can track their vehicle's location in real-time upon entry and streamline their departure through reservation services. By integrating with different parking equipment systems and building management systems via APIs, this enables the creation of a versatile user environment.

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