Patrol Robots

Goalie, a smart patrol robot

Goalie enhances security and comfort in our daily living spaces. From the apartment we call home, to the campus where our children study, and the office where we spend most of our day, Goalie complements patrol duties to ensure safety and tranquility.

Transforming Daily Lives with Goalie!

  • Preventing complaints
    by addressing patrol
    blind spots.

    In challenging locations like outdoor spaces, remote areas, dense vegetation, and playgrounds, addressing recurring issues such as smoking and unauthorized entry can be achieved by increasing regular patrols in low-patrol areas, also known as blind spots. This proactive approach helps enhance overall security.

  • Residential satisfaction
    Work satisfaction soaring!

    Reduced complaints increase satisfaction among residents, tenants, and other space users. Collaborating with Goalie allows security personnel to decrease repetitive patrols, freeing them to focus on critical tasks like infrastructure management and resolving complaints face-to-face.

  • A secure and
    welcoming home to
    take pride in.

    Goalie aims to craft living spaces that are free from discomfort and anxiety, providing a safe haven that everyone would proudly call their own. By collaborating with individuals, Goalie diligently works towards the creation of comfortable and secure environments.

How Goalie Works

제품 특징

  • Regular patrols targeting areas with frequent complaints

    To effectively address complaints, targeted patrols can be conducted in specific areas. By strategically selecting locations and times, such as zooming in on images or adjusting camera angles, mission-oriented patrols can enhance observation. This approach optimizes resource utilization and improves overall surveillance effectiveness.

    a Complaint-Free Environment through Collaborative Efforts

    In the control room, security guards can broadcast real-time guidance messages through speakers if they notice abnormal behavior. To address repetitive complaints in specific areas, collaborative activities with security guards, like replaying recorded messages, can proactively prevent complaints. Also, video footage captured along patrol routes is recorded and can be used for post-response and notifying complaint occurrences.

  • Effortless robot operation accessible to all

    Even security guards unfamiliar with digital environments can easily start and manage robots using a user-friendly system. This system is designed to be simple and intuitive, minimizing manual operations and preventing extra tasks during robot operation. With features like course pre-scheduling and automatic charging, it aims to provide convenience and ease of use.

    Executing supplementary tasks according to the operational surroundings.

    In addition to patrolling, this versatile system can perform tasks like fire and gas detection, as well as unauthorized parking surveillance. The design includes separate units for driving and task execution, allowing integration of infrared cameras, additional sensors, and more. This enables a wide range of applications and enhances functionality.

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