HL Mando’s MiCOSA solution includes all technology related to vehicle’s longitudinal and lateral movement, plus the vertical dynamics. It maximizes the dynamics performance of a vehicle by integrating individual chassis systems.

MiCOSA solution controls the motion data of a vehicle as follows:

  • 1) Recognition of the vehicle’s status
  • 2) Coordination of the individual functions
  • 3) Integrated chassis systems for optimized vehicle dynamics

This solution not only elevates the vehicle performance to the next level, but also improves the efficiency, safety, and usability.

MiCOSA solution is embedded in the Central Domain Control Unit and has the adaptability, modularity, flexibility, and scalability without relying on the hardware of a vehicle or a controller.
Therefore, this technology can be supplied to OEMs as a standalone solution and automakers can apply it with minimal additional effort and changes.

HL 만도 M2MCX Mobility 통합 SW product 기능 구성도
Vehicle Configuration

Cloud, DCU, Individual Systems

MiCOSA Function Diagram Recognition / Judgement of the Driving Stat
  • Environment

    Road Surface Detection, Terrain, Road Condition

  • Vehicle

    Vehicle State Estimation Vehicle Prognosis

  • Driver

    Attention, Fatigue, Health

  • Coordination Strategy, Control Allocation
Integrated Function
  • Safety

    Steer by Brake, Evasive Chassis Assist

  • Integration

    Torque Vectoring, Roll-Over Prevent

  • Autonomous driving

    Lane Keeping, Lane Centering, Smart Cruise

Chassis VAF
  • Road Surface Detection
  • Vehicle State Estimation
  • Vehicle Prognosis
  • Driver Status Detection
Integrated Control SW
  • Torque Vectoring
  • Steer by Brake
  • Evasive Chassis Assist
  • Autonomous Driving
Relevant Product

Steer by Brake

  • - Control the lateral maneuver of the vehicle by differential braking
  • - Provide steer-ability via the brake system if the steering system fails.
  • - Ensure robust system safety (triple redundancy)

Lateral Maneuver via Differential Braking

SbW – SFA(Steering Feedback Actuactor)

SbW – RWA(Road Wheel Actuator)

Tire Longitudinal Force via Differential Braking

  • Control lateral maneuver with differential braking to safely pull over to the side road with a driver or when autonomous driving

  • Control lateral maneuver with differential braking to maintain the lane position with a driver or when autonomous driving

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