Technological Innovation

High technologies open a new future of the mobility.


Development of eco-friendly products

HL Mando develops parts used in eco-friendly vehicles, reaching new heights for the era of eco-friendly vehicles.

Development direction for eco-friendly vehicle parts

As we switch from mechanical and hydraulic parts to electronic control parts, we replace the disappearing power sources such as the cylinder air pressure with the motor power for eco-friendly vehicles and dramatically improve the installation to significantly contribute to bringing eco-friendly vehicles to life. In addition, a wide range of R&D activities are carried out towards curtailing the fuel consumption of the existing products or reducing the emissions of hazardous substances.

Risk & Impact

  • Reinforcement of the external demand of eco-friendly products
  • In excess of the particulate matter standards due to product use


  • Acquisition of the competitive edge in products related to eco-friendly vehicles such as hydrogen vehicles and electric vehicles
  • Preemptive response to vehicle-related environmental laws
  • Expansion of hydrogen vehicle infrastructure


  • Reinforcement of the research and development of eco-friendly vehicle parts
  • Development of products designed to reduce environmental pollution, such as the particulate matter and greenhouse gases generated from the existing parts


  • 20% of the xEV program sales
  • 61% of the electronic control product sales


  • Over 40% of the xEV program sales in 2025
  • Over 70% of the electronic control product sales in 2025

Next Step

In addition to developing the parts for eco-friendly vehicles such as hydrogen vehicles and electric vehicles, HL Mando also reinforces its R&D to reduce the environmental pollution caused by the existing auto parts.

Going forward, the company will continue to expand its business area to encompass the infrastructure service field for eco-friendly technology and build the eco-friendly vehicle infrastructure. As a result, it will transform its business structure further oriented towards eco-friendly mobility as part of its plan to increase the sales proportion of xEV models to account for over 40% by 2025.

Eco-friendly vehicle products

  • Eco-friendly vehicle products

    The global automobile market is focused on eco-friendly energy vehicles and autonomous driving technology. HL Mando continues to expand its portfolio of eco-friendly auto parts, such as the fuel cell DC-DC converter (FDC) and bidirectional high-voltage DC-DC converter (BHDC) and develops products designed to bring forth eco-friendly vehicles to preemptively deal with the future automobile market.

    In particular, the integrated dynamic brake (IDB) is HL Mando's leading technology as a necessary part of eco-friendly and autonomous vehicles. IDB2, which offers an improved IDB performance, has made the package more compact, improved mountability with a prefabricated design, and enhanced smartness with integrated control technology.

  • The product to improve mileage

    Continuous efforts are being made around the world to reduce GHG emissions that directly affect global warming. HL Mando continues to develop the technology designed to improve the fuel efficiency not only for eco-friendly vehicles but also for vehicles with internal combustion engines every year.

    Low Drag Caliper, one of the products currently under development, is expected to reduce carbon dioxide by 0.75g per 1km.

  • Pollutant reduction products

    Since 2019, HL Mando has formed a consortium under the supervision of the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy to implement the national project of “Reducing particulate matters from non-exhaust pipes in the transportation sector.”

    To brace up for laws related to brake wear and dust in advance, which are expected to be announced, we plan to develop prototypes through collaboration at home and abroad to ensure that eco-friendly vehicles are commercialized by 2023.

Autonomous driving

We will make great strides as a leader for autonomous vehicles and usher in the era of future mobility.

Response to customer's personalized roadmap for autonomous driving

HL Mando launched HL Klemove to strengthen the autonomous driving business in 2021.
HL Klemove developed the company-owned technologies of hardware, software platforms, ASW (Application Software), and others suitable for the Level 3 of the autonomous driving in advance and completed the tests in 2021.

The company also developed the in-cabin monitoring radar to diversify its autonomous driving in advance to secure autonomous driving IP (intellectual property rights), conducted demonstrations for its customers, and upgraded its technology for the existing mass-produced products. In addition, the Euro New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) enabled HL Mando to secure technological safety applicable to vehicles in 2023. As the autonomous driving market continues to further extend in scope, SW and the reliability of quality are growing ever more important.
HL Mando will strive to provide safe and verified technology.

Reinforced R&D and digital transformation

Risk & Impact

  • Absence of new growth engines
  • Intensifying competition for SW integration among OEM IT companies


  • Secure the next-generation mobility business plan
  • Preoccupy the diversified autonomous driving product market


  • Integrate all chassis SW organizations to expand SW capacity and synergy
  • Reinforce open innovation through cooperation with experts and investment in startups
  • Upgrade the autonomous driving and mobility through ADAS BU spin-off


  • R&D expenses account for 5.8% of sales
  • Investment of KRW 27.5 billion in tech startups


  • Respond to the autonomous driving market of Lv.3 or higher
  • Open the Global Resource Management Integration Platform (Next ERP) in 2023

Next Step

Due to the intensifying competition for software development, the key to autonomous driving and future mobility, HL Mando integrates/establishes organizations to implement integrated control software, and actively attracts key personnel to cultivate experts.

HL Mando plans to incorporate core technologies in the mobility industry, such as data, cloud, and AI, through a broad spectrum of collaborations.

Autonomous Robot

HL Mando capitalizes on its strengths in autonomous driving technology to engage in a wide variety of robot businesses.
After selecting a patrol robot as a new business item in 2019 and forming a dedicated development team in 2019, the company has continued to pave the way for building a patrol robot platform applicable to autonomous driving and control systems as one of the national projects of the Ministry of the Interior and Safety and the Ministry of Science and ICT since 2020.

HL Mando aims to construct a rapid reaction system to enable autonomously driving in surveillance camera blind spots or crime-prone areas, prevent activities designed to prevent crimes such as patrol, control, warning, and crackdown, and allow the police, fire department, gu-office, and control center to react in real-time.

In 2020, the company tested night patrol at Baegot Life Park in cooperation with Siheung, Gyeonggi-do, and in 2021, it launched the development of a patrol robot for the Gwanak district. In addition, HL Mando is developing a rechargeable robot capable of autonomous wireless charging in response to the rapidly growing electric vehicle market. Since 2020, the company has engaged in research to develop autonomous driving technology for wirelessly chargeable robots and electric vehicles, and wireless charging pad docking technology as one of the national projects of the Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology as part of its plan to develop the key technology capable of commercializing wireless charging robots by 2023.

Autonomous Robot

Open innovation

HL Mando extends smart collaboration space and works with experts in various fields to create future values.

Collaboration Map

HL Mando extends the smart collaboration space and works with experts from a complete range of different fields to build an open innovation ecosystem.

Open innovation network status

As of March, 2022



  • DCU/PCU platform SW7
  • Lidar4
  • Camera7
  • Radar4
  • Image processing3
  • V2X/network2


  • R&D collaboration12
    • Product engineering7
    • Prior art development5
  • Operation efficiency9
    • LCM/outsourcing8
    • Smart factory1
  • Market expansion4


  • Patrol robot5
  • Mobility SW2
  • Data solution4
  • Parking robot4
  • Connected car1

Startup discovery and investment

HL Mando is committed to discovering domestic and foreign tech companies based on artificial intelligence and software. In particular, the company discovers startups for the future growth engine, such as batteries (BMS: battery management system), autonomous driving, FOTA (firmware over the air), and shared platforms, and analyzes companies to invest in. HL Mando is reinforcing its corporate analysis capabilities to lay the groundwork for business cooperation.

Startup investment status at home and abroad by year

Unit: case

  • Korea
  • Global

Startup investment status in 2021

Unit: case

Startup investment status in 2021
Category New business Core business
Korea 1 3
Global 2 2
Technological advancement 3 -
Total 6 5

Technology Council and Seminar

HL Mando upgrades the internal common technologies and introduces new technologies to improve its technical standard, and runs a technology council to address product and technical development issues. The Council, made of technical divisions in six different fields, consists of an internal R&D technical expert group and external technical advisors. In the technical expert group, leading technology experts from each internal R&D center gather to secure new technology development capabilities and address technical difficulties, while advisory members are composed of the most suitable experts, such as university professors in new technology-related fields, to provide advice on technology issues at quarterly new technology seminars.

The council periodically hosts quarterly seminars and internal seminars inviting experts and holds annual plans at the beginning of each year and a place to share the results at the end of the year to apprehend the global technology trends.

  • CAE
  • Software
  • Mortor
  • EMC
  • Cyber Security
  • AI